The quality of Maluca wipes


Every day, our office in France makes your personal washable and eco-friendly wipes byhand.

With the ambition to produce qualitywipes, we scrupulously selected the best materials and used the best sewing techniques.

The labels of the textiles used

Our fabrics are carefully selected and are Oeko-Tex certified® and our GOTS® certified organic fabrics to ensure safety and respect for the environment. Thus, each fabric is previously checked before offering it to you.

Created in 1992, the Oeko-Tex label controls the quality of textiles and ensures in a standardized way around the world that they are not harmful to health, skin and the environment.

With more than 100 test criteria (substances, pH, stability and color strength, etc.) and stricter limit values depending on use (contact with the skin), the label offers 4 classes:

Class I: Babies and Toddlers

Class II: direct contact with the skin

Class III: no direct contact with the skin

Class IV: house textiles

That’s why Maluca decided to use only Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified textiles.

The GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certification guarantees the organic quality of textiles from the harvesting of raw materials, through socially and environmentally responsible manufacturing, to labelling.

The repository provides two levels of certification:

Level 1: Organic textiles
≥ 95% certified organic fibers, ≤ 5% artificial or synthetic fibers
Level 2: made textiles with X % of organic fibers
≥ 70% certified organic fibers, ≤ 30 % non-organic fibers, but a maximum of 10 % synthetic fibers, if the raw materials used are not certified organically, or from a sustainable forest management program or recycled.

Our controls

In order to ensure high quality, each custom wipe is checked individually through several check points.

The specifications we apply clearly state the defects and non-compliances to be taken into account in assessing the satisfaction of wipes to the requirements of the Maluca brand.

Strict quality level

For each category of defects and non-compliance, an acceptable level of quality is set at the highest depending on their more or less significant impact (critical, major, minor) on the quality of each Maluca wipe.

We have summarized all of the controls we apply:


First material

  • Fabric defects (affecting strength or quality of use)
  • Defects of the decorative fabric (affecting solidity or presentation)
  • Wire defects (affecting strength or color)
  • Ribbon defects (affecting strength or color)
  • Label defects (affecting strength or marking)

Cut or placement

  • Disparate or shade-stray constituent pieces
  • Disparate secondary constituents
  • Meaning not respected, editing, shift
  • Holes caused by scissors, knives, notchers…..
  • A sting that has damaged the tissue and can turn into a hole or tear

Respect for patronage

  • Constituent parts that do not conform to cutting patterns
  • Tolerance in dimensions:
    • Significant overtaking: critical
    • Accidental tolerance overshoot: major
    • Accidental overcoming of tolerances on secondary parts: minor

Sewing and stitching

  • Positioning affecting the strength or appearance of the effect
  • Stoppages or significant interruption on an essential seam
  • Tensions affecting the strength or appearance of the effect
  • Irregular (winding with embu changing the appearance of the effect)
  • Reprises that do not disjointe and do not straddle the seam


Whether it’s to remove your make-up, freshen up or even to change your baby, the design of our custom and washable Maluca wipes ensures a very long life with more than 300 washes.

The Wipe Bar

Step 1

Choose your base for make-up removal and cleaning

Step 2

Choose your decoration fabric

Step 3

Choose your ribbon for fun

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Shipping in 1 week*

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Handmade in France

Washable, eco-friendly and economical

+ 300 washes


Certified quality


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