Our environmental commitment

Our environmental approach

We believe that we have a role to play in the fight against climate change, the erosion of biodiversity or other environmental themes. Indeed, one of the priorities in the fight against global warming is to reduce CO2 emissions linked to human activities: transport, production, energy, consumption…

However, it is very difficult to avoid them completely without depriving yourself of the products and services necessary for our daily life. Thus, in the late 2000s, the concept of“compensation”spread under the aegis of theUnited Nations (Kyoto Protocol) through companies, governments, institutions and individuals encouraging them to find ways to offset their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Quite naturally, we therefore integrated this desire into our activity via the selection of our partners.

In addition, we believe in thecircular economy, which aims to produce goods and services while reducing the consumption and waste of raw materials, water and energy sources. Thus, recycling and recycling materials are also part of the game and we prefer this practice to 100.

Of course, our washable wipes are the basis of this environmental approach by avoiding thousands of disposable cottons.


Save and help the planet

(5 Maluca wipes replace up to 5000 disposable cottons)


In order to reduce our environmental impact, we have selected partners already involved in this mission.


The presentation boxes we use are made of 100% recyclable cardboard with an efficient design for minimal environmental impact of waste. In addition, these materials come from FSC controlled forests and are purchased close to the partner, stimulating local trade and reducing CO2 emissions.

Our products

When designing our products, waste is of course generated during the cuts. Our local player, the Paprec Group, is No. 1 for recycling plastics, paper, cardboard and sorting selective household collection, and No. 3 for green waste, wood, biomass and mundane industrial waste.

Our prints

As part of the impressions we have to make (shipping, administration, etc.), we have put in place a solution to recharge our toners to reduce our impact with a local partner.

Maluca aims for carbon neutrality

Through several simple and pragmatic choices and actions, we try to achieve carbon neutrality in relation to our activity by limiting our emissions and offsetting them (by helping a third party to capture or not emit the amount of GHG that we have not managed to avoid ourselves).

Thus, in order to achieve this goal, we have selected partners who are already aware of this idea of limiting greenhouse gases and its compensation.

Carrier La Poste

By preventing, measuring and reducing emissions, La Poste has managed to limit its impact and all residual CO2 emissions are fully offset by investing in carbon offset projects that have been selected by postal workers and by the Group’s customers. These projects meet the best international quality standards (VCS, Gold Standard).

Beyond their seriousness and the quality of their services, we naturally turned to La Poste and are proud to be able to work with this partner who is so committed to this environmental approach.

Relay points

Shipping with our Mondial Relay or Point Relais partners has many advantages to reduce CO2 emissions.

1. Delivery only in relay points in France, an optimized delivery method limiting CO2 emissions thanks to its ability to deliver several dozen parcels simultaneously at one point.

2. The use of thesame transport for the delivery and collection of parcels thus avoids having empty trucks.

3. Avoidance of delivery failures: the package is available at relay point, you can pick it up on the day and time that suits you for 14 days.

Hoster 1 and 1 IONOS

The data centers and offices of IONOS by 1 and 1 are powered by renewable energy and energy management is regularly monitored by experts and is ISO 50001 certified.

Recycling, responsible travel, intelligent cooling, etc. are also applied on a daily basis to reduce its ecological impact.

Small actions to help the planet

Finally, several small actions have been put in place to help our dear planet a little more.


Using the “ECOSIA” search engine (about 45 searches – 1 tree planted!)


Reducing the electricity consumption of our office via insulation, a more efficient heating method, low-consumption equipment and home automation.

The shop

The Wipe Bar

Design your washable and eco-friendly wipes!

Ultra-soft, non-toxic wipes withseveral make-up remover and cleanser bases and decoration fabrics.

Case for wipes

A super convenient case in dispenser mode!

With our case, you’ll have your wipes to carry in your bag or bathroom.

Washing bag

Still looking for your wipes after washing?

Make your life simpler and protect your wipes with our most minimalist wash net possible!

Gift card

Would you like to make a gift that will please for sure?

Offer a gift card to give your loved ones the opportunity to personalize their wipes!

Discovery Pack

Discover and test our entire range in the blink of an eye!

Our pack contains 5 wipes with our different bases(Bamboo, Microfiber, Minky, Organic Cotton and Bi-Face)

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