Care and Use of Maluca Wipes


Our washable wipes can be used for different applications. Follow our little guide to help you every day.

Your skin

Make-up remover

As with your disposable cotton, you can apply your usual make-up remover on your Maluca washable wipe (you can soak it with a little water before): micellar water, make-up remover water, cleansing lotion, etc.

Organic make-up remover

For an alternative make-up remover, pour a little make-up remover or vegetable oil (sweet almond, argan, jojoba…) on a Maluca washable wipe (wet and wrung out) and remove make-up in several passages. Then pass a second water-soaked wipe and finish by moisturizing your skin.


For a refreshment or a light wash, you can simply pass a washable wipe soaked in hydrolat suitable for your skin type on the face.

Nail polish

You can also remove your varnish with our Maluca washable wipes using your usual products. On the other hand, it is better to dedicate 1-2 washable wipes because the varnish will not go completely to the wash (recognizable easily).

Baby skin

Change with ease

The simplest, most effective and healthy solution is to use washable wipes by soaking them in water. Tap water (if not too limestone), mineral water or floral water depending on your baby’s skin.

The use of liniment

Liniment, which contains a large portion of vegetable oil, is an excellent product to prevent baby redness and irritation. Fully compatible with our Maluca wipes, however, liniment can make them less absorbent over time.


For your soiled wipes, it may be useful to place them in a small tray apart from dirty laundry, before placing them in the next washing machine. For odors when baby leaves a nice little gift, you can pre-wash them through a soak.

The clean-up

We must not forget that our babies and children can sometimes enjoy being a little less clean in terms of face and hands. In this case, a Maluca wipe soaked in a little water will be perfect for cleaning it all up.

Washing and care

To help you preserve your wipes, we offer care and washing tips. It’s simple so follow the guide starting with our tips

Tip No.1

Follow the washing and maintenance instructions that are provided with our wipes (depending on your model)

Tip 2

Use a net bag to machine them (tip not to lose them)

Tip 3

Make sure your washing machine’s drum is full

Tip 4

Remember to wash your white and colored linen separately

Tip 5

Pull the edges of the sponge wipes after washing to give them back shape

Tip 6

For hard-wearing stains, rub your wipes with a little water and Marseille soap before putting them in a machine

Tip 7

Be aware that it will take several washes before the sponge tissue reaches its absorption capacity and softness.

Tip 8

Allow to dry in the open air (although dryers are possible for some of our fabrics)

Tip 9

To whiten them naturally put them to dry in the sun (strong whitening and disinfectant power)

Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of the pictograms for each wipe category including the base and decorative fabric. In the meantime, here are the types of materials on our base:

Bamboo sponge


Cotton sponge

Microfiber sponge

In order to ensure Quality, softness and durability of your wipes,paying attention to washing symbols is essential, especially for some textiles that we offer bringing a great softness. We offer a summary of the most common maintenance symbols you can find for your Maluca wipes to clean and maintain them properly.


Washable at 30°C
Washable at 40°C

Washable at 60°C

Moderate washing at 30°C

Moderate washing at 40°C

Moderate washing at 60°C
Very moderate washing at 30°C
Very moderate washing at 40°C
Don’t wash


Use of oxygen-based whitening or chlorinated derivative
Use of oxygen-based bleach /no chlorinated derivative
Don’t whiten


High-temperature ironing
Ironing at medium temperature
Low-temperature ironing
Don’t iron


High-temperature drying
Low-temperature drying
Forbidden drum drying
Flat drying
Drying on wireless spin
Drying flat in the shade
Drying on wire

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